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Long Sleeve Polo

Long sleeve polo shirt in thick cotton jersey. Thick rib collar with buttonless V opening. Embroidered Kappa logo, Italian flag, application embroidered cloth New Holland logo.
€47,99 €40,80

Herenshirt, LS

Witte shirt met lange mouwen, 100% katoen, steward-model. Geborduurd logo New Holland Agriculture.

Heren poloshirt, SS, geel

Heren poloshirt korte mouwen, geel, van 100% gekamd katoen piqué. Geborduurd logo.
€17,87 €13,40

Top Service heren-poloshirt

Heren Top Service poloshirt
€22,16 €14,40

Regenlaarzen, zwart

Zwarte regenlaarzen, verstevigde neus. Geprint logo.
€45,01 €36,00


Waterdichte poncho van 100% nylon, 3000 Mm waterdicht. Verpakt in eigen tas met geprint logo New Holland Agriculture. Unisex.
€42,00 €33,60

Heren sweatshirt, bruin

Heren sweatshirt met gebreide inzetstukken. 100% katoen, bruine kleur. Geprint logo van New Holland links op de borst en het blad op de rugzijde geprint. Eco-vriendelijke verpakking
€74,01 €66,60

Man down feather jacket

Man feather jacket, 100% nylon matt, padded lining 100% polyester taffeta, black, with embroidery on the heart side, 100x30 mm
€76,99 €69,29

Soft Shell

Unisex jacket in soft shell waterproof and breathable, 97% polyester, 3% elastane, 6000 mm/H2O waterproof, impermeable to water vapour 4000 mm g/m2/24h. Removable sleeves and detachable hood. Black with embroidered logo New Holland Construction.
€70,00 €59,50

Men's Shirt

Men's customised New Holland shirt (100% Oxford cotton)
€56,00 €53,20