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At Intermat 2012, New Holland Construction continues to demonstrate its commitment to the environment, which has always been one of the manufacturer's principal guidelines. Low noise levels, minimal pollutant emissions, a sophisticated hydraulic system, advanced electronic controls and conformity with European directives, all allow New Holland to offer the lowest operating costs in the sector and above all contribute to improving the quality of the environment. To do more to help protect the environment, the company launched the New Holland, New Life project at Intermat 2012. This project aims to recycle all the PVC sheets used to build the stand, which was totally ecological, with its tables, chairs and eco-bar made of reinforced cardboard. Launched in cooperation with a group of young designers, known as the 'Anonymous Creators', who are engaged in projects that range from the cinema to industrial design, the New Holland, New Life initiative provides for the reuse of all the PVC sheets used to build the stand at the show in Paris. New Holland, New Life will open up new opportunities for the recycling of material often considered to be end-of-life, by transforming it into original and useful objects that can be used in the workplace or for leisure purposes. Objects with an emotional value that have zero impact on the environment.
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